WaveDroid provides you with real-time ocean wave data. Just like a conventional wave measurement buoy... at a fraction of the price. To achieve an approximately 10-fold price reduction, we rely on the smartest and most available type of sensor around: the smartphone! Being the result of billions of phone industry R&D dollars, smartphone-based acceleration and magnetic field sensors combine accuracy, reliability and powerful processing with cheapness. Cheapness at the cost of functionality? No way! As the phone provides 3D sensor data, directional wave data are literally in your pocket. Employing the phone's internet connection, real-time data make their way to your desktop through e-mail, FTP or online database. The ever increasing phone network reception rates in coastal areas all around the world make WaveDroid the wave measurement buoy of the future. The first field tests are showing more than promising results, proving that even the accuracy of smartphone-based wave measurement buoys meets industry standards!

WaveDroid is a joint project of South Africa-based hydrographic surveying freaks Zane Thackeray & Rio Leuci with their company Environmental Mapping & Surveying (Enviromap, enviromap.co.za) and Dutch ocean data enthusiast Max Radermacher with his company H-max (h-max.nl). Having embarked on the WaveDroid journey in February 2015, they entered the commercial market in early 2016. Extensive R&D, testing and market exploration have made sure they can offer you an accurate and robust real-time ocean wave measurement system that meets your needs.